NBA helped develop my son into a total player both physically and mentally.  Nate became a fundamentally sound player through the constant guidance of NBA coaches.  I am always amazed at how many high school infielders can’t properly field a ground ball.  You can tell the difference between a NBA infielder and some other academy by just watching the infielder’s foot work and if they field through the baseball.  In addition, Scott Jones hitting lessons turned Nathan into a middle of the order hitter both physically but more importantly mentally, teaching him how to relax and focus.  Nate would not be playing college baseball but for the guidance and coaching of the entire NBA staff.  I would recommend them to anyone. - Brian Mark

It has been an honor to partner with the NBA team in order to develop my son's baseball talent.  NBA was recommended to us by a friend after we had a very poor experience with another ""club"" baseball team.  We joined the NBA family in mid-season and were immediately impressed with the level of focus of the Jones' and the coaching staff.  This team of coaches has a unity of purpose which happens to be developing character as well as baseball talent in the boys.  Our son was blessed to have Brian Holman as a coach for the duration of his ""career"" at NBA but also worked closely with Scott Jones.  The top-notch attention that our son received from Brian directly contributed to our son being able to play baseball at the collegiate level. - John Dalby

Natural Baseball Academy is an outstanding and respected baseball family we have been fortunate to be a part of for the last 3 years. NBA, led by Scott Jones, has an amazing ability to learn players names and have personal relationship with players from multiple age groups and lets them know he wants them to reach the goals they have and to take personal responsibility in making them happen inside and out of the game of baseball. The instructional work done all winter led by Scott and Clark Jones and the entire NBA staff keeps players improve their skills for their high school seasons in the spring as well as building a work ethic it takes if there are any aspirations for playing at a higher level in the future. After seeing that our son was in such good hands and seeing him learn self-ownership of his success it allowed us as parents to become fans of our son and enjoy the opportunity to just watch him continue to develop and play. Besides the outstanding facilities, the connections and respect Scott and the Academy has from college coaches and the work he does for each player to get an opportunity to play at the next level (if your son is committed) is invaluable and we are grateful for all he has done to assist Jarett get the opportunity to play college baseball and extend our ability to continue to watch him play this game. - Jeff Goss

If you are looking for a baseball academy that takes a personal interest in your player not only as a baseball player but as a person as well as a student athlete NBA is where you want to be.  Our son Riley has been a part of the NBA family since he was 12.  Riley has worked with Scott Jones on his hitting and fielding over the years and he has turned him into an all-state player.  If your son’s goal is to play at the next level after high school every effort by the NBA staff is put into making that happen.  This is an academy that has a number one priority of developing your player.  We will miss NBA but are so grateful for the years we have spent with them - Donna Zerni

NBA has been a part of our family for almost a decade.  Early on, when David was still the "Dad Coach," we recognized that our kids needed a higher level of instruction if they wanted to continue to grow as baseball players.  We brought them to NBA to work with Scott Jones in the batting cages.  Those lessons became the cornerstone of their development all the way through high school. Not only did both boys have great high school baseball careers, but both had the opportunity to play at the college level.  Scott picked up the phone, emailed, and spoke on our kids' behalf to find the right fit for them, going above and beyond to assist them.  One ended up playing college ball, while the other one opted not to, but Scott and his staff remained supportive of both. Beyond the incredible devotion and skill building that our sons received - and most importantly - the NBA staff became important role models, helping to teach our sons how good men behave in this world. We will forever be grateful to NBA for their help in shaping our boys into fine young men. - Lorie and Dave Paldino

Our family became members of the NBA family in 2011 when our son Brock was a Freshman.  Brock's desire to play baseball beyond the high school level prompted us to find an academy that could continue to develop his skill set into something that collegiate coaches would want in there programs.  Scott, Clark and the entire staff at NBA exceeded our expectations.  They not only pushed Brock physically and mentally to become the best baseball player possible, they also stressed the importance of strong academics and how to conduct himself outside the game of baseball.  As an alumni of NBA, the staff is still extremely supportive of Brock, regardless of whether or not it's on the baseball diamond. I would highly recommend the NBA program for any baseball player that wants to become better on and off the field. - Jay Randels

Natural Baseball Academy is different. Each year, they produce a class of college ready baseball players, but in my eyes they separate themselves by what they do off of the field. As a former player, they judged me not by the quality of baseball player that I was when I first showed up at their doors as an immature 13 year old, but instead by the quality of man they thought I had the potential to be with the direction of their program. Through baseball, they helped me discover and refine the attributes it takes to be a man such as determination, respect, class, and most importantly, accountability. These are four of the principles by which I live my life, and I credit a large part of my development to the coaches and staff of NBA. Their program is judged by the actions of its’ players, so they demand a lofty, but not unattainable, code of conduct. This gives teenagers who are often shortsighted a reason to think before they act, keeping them out of trouble. With that expectation comes the feeling of community which reassures you that you have an important role and reminds you that there are people care who about you. A member of the NBA staff is never more than a phone call away, and each would do anything and everything they could to help you get out of a dangerous situation. It is this unparalleled combination of accountability and compassion which helped to shape me into the young adult that I am today, and which makes Natural Baseball Academy the ideal program to be a part of. - Adam Samazin

When I joined NBA back when I was only 13.  I started hitting lessons with Clark and the relationship with the academy took full bloom from there. I saw how much each coach cared for me, not only as a player but as a person. They were there for me when I was up or down and taught me valuable skills that I will carry with me throughout life; even when I have to hang up the cleats. If you are looking for a place that takes pride in their craft and not their paycheck, then NBA is where you should look. Scott, Brian, and the rest of the instructors/coaches know that each athlete is different and will work with them in order to get the result the athlete wants. Success in their eyes comes from players maturing and learning along the way; not how many tallies are in the win column at the end of the day. - Alex Kincaid

Natural Baseball and their instructors helped our son starting at age 13 and on through his high school career to grow and improve both on the field and off. They helped him achieve his goal to play collegiate baseball and continue to be strong supporters as he plays and grows on that level! We would highly recommend the progam for kids at any level and especially as they grow and focus on baseball as they get older. - Mike and Amy Popp

Natural Baseball Academy is HANDS DOWN the best baseball program out there! From the facilites to the outstanding coaching staff their honest, true passion, knowledege for the game is unmatched. My son played for Natural for four years each year he grew as a player and as a person. What a awesome place to be able to send your child where you know that the coaches are excellent role models, and they believe in your son as if their were their own! With the connections that they have from NAIA, DI and DII are worth the weigh in gold. Brian Holman (pitching instructor) there are not enough words to tell you just how incredibly awesome and genuie this man is, he taught my son so very,very much. It was OUR privliage to play baseball for Natural and we will forever be grateful for all they did for my son. - Traci Gillihan

I became a part of NBA's program three years before I started my college career. NBA not only provides one of the best indoor facilities in the area, but also very knowledgeable coaches and instructors to go along with it. They are dedicated to their work and are determined to help each player get to the next level of play. My years with NBA were very enjoyable, and gave me the opportunity to learn and grow as a player and as an individual. - Trever Burkdoll

Natural Baseball has helped me in many different aspects of life, it is more than just baseball for them. They do a great job of giving you confidence and letting you know what you need to work on to be the best ball player you can be. Being in college now I've noticed that Natural Baseball has put me in the best spot physically and mentally to be on top of my game. Every single one of my teammates on Natural Baseball went on to play college baseball, and for that I would recommend anyone thinking about it to come try out for them. - Jack Pauley

At the end of my sons 2013 season I was struggling with my 10 year olds batting.  Every game would end with a chin down because my son was not hitting the ball and as his coach, I could not figure out why.  Being the coach I kept an eye on Batting averages but never shared them with the kids but I knew what my sons was and it was bad.  He was lucky to have .125 avg.  Over the winter of 2013 I began taking my son to NBA.  He began working out with Brian Holman on his pitching.  While attending pitching lessons.  I found myself watching Scott Jones in the cage with numerous kids teaching them how to hit.  After about 4 weeks of pitching lessons I decided to take my son to see Scott. Every lesson was a stepping stone for the next week.  Scott worked very hard to break a lot of bad habits and After 7 lessons with Scott the 2014 season was about to start.  Well now the season is over and I was amazed as to how well my son had improved from the 10 to the 11 year old season.  My son led the team with a .528 avg.  Scott told my son he was not going to be a power hitter and that he needed to hit for average....  well that is what he did...  I am so happy that we crossed paths with the NBA.  They have an amazing pitching coach who my son loves and Scott Jones really turned my sons batting around.  We will continue to see these two coaches all through my sons baseball career.  Thank you Scott and Brian for making my son a better player. - Matt Rojohn

Natural was a blast to play for and also a great learning experience for on and off the field.  All of the coaches there are very knowledgeable and great teachers of the game.  The facilities are great and always available.  I started at Natural as a freshman and loved every year.  They helped tremendously in getting me to where I am today. - Taylor Graf

Natural Baseball Academy is a program that will help you prepare for the next step in your life, no matter what it is. After playing for the club for three years, I decided that college baseball was not for me. The coaches were still very supportive, and helped me out in any way possible. Scott even set up a mock interview for me to prepare for a scholarship that I later got. Natural Baseball Academy understands that one day their players may have futures that do not entail baseball. They realize that baseball careers can only last so long, and care enough for their members to make sure they all are prepared for success in any future situation, not just on the diamond. - Hunter Swanson

Our son's level of pitching has increased tremendously while working with Brian Holman.  With his help in recruiting he was able to get a baseball scholarship at a DII college.  Brian is an amazing coach and person who not only coaches him athletically but improves his confidence and his mental game as well! - Dave and Laura Wedermyer

I began playing with the Academy when I was a Freshman in high school, but have worked with Scott since I was 10. The Academy has taught me a tremendous amount about the game of baseball, and also taught me many life lessons through the game. The Academy has helped me become a better person off the field, and a better player on the field. I would recommend Natural Baseball Academy to everyone, the instructors are awesome and are always willing to work with you. - Matt Slauter

Natural Baseball Academy is more than baseball to me; it is family. Coach Scott has helped me develop both sides of my game especially the mental side and how to be self-reliant. His door was and is always open. He and the Academy have gotten me looks at all levels and got me to one of the most premier baseball colleges in the nation. Where I am now is perfect for my dream and I could never thank Scott enough. On top of all of that it was one of the most fun times of my life. I have made lifelong friends and memories. I would recommend Natural Baseball Academy to anyone serious about baseball and having fun. - Matt Elliott

While the focus at NBA is obviously baseball, Coach Scott Jones has done a great job working with our middle school daughter in softball. Her hitting, both mentally and physically has improved dramatically from just 9 months ago. He has also helped to improve her fielding and throwing and has given her the ability and knowledge to self-correct when she is working on her own.  In addition, Scott has greatly increased both her knowledge and love of the game.    Thanks Coach Scott for all your hard work. - Brad and Jill Robbins

Our family has had the privilege of knowing the Jones’s for a number of years. Their tutelage with Mitch and Matt was instrumental in their early development and still continues today. Not only did they teach them to think the right way on the field but off of it as well. Natural Baseball Academy and the Jones family are a class act, and their devotion to the game and the kids is outstanding. We would highly recommend any young athlete to join the NBA family. - Darryl and Tresa Slauter

Natural Baseball Academy has helped me tremendously in preparation for the college level. I began playing for this program as a freshman and played throughout my high school years. Without this program I would not be where I am now and I am very thankful for the guidance given to me both on and off the field. I am using the what I learned from both Coach Taylor and Coach Jones today and all of it has helped with the transition to college baseball greatly. - Kaden Shaffer

Natural Baseball was a great experience for my son on and off the baseball field. Scott Jones and the staff at NBA worked hard to build not only solid baseball players while teaching the fundamental skills needed to be succesfull in baseball, but NBA striveed to build young men of character. Scott and the staff built a sound personal relationship with my son through his experience at NBA and spent time through his College Recruiting experience to help Carson take his abilities to the College level. All the staff at NBA truly have a players best interest at heart and will help your son grow as a player and more importantly as a person. - Carl Garrett

NBA is an impressive baseball organization, one of the best in the Midwest (I have witnessed this first hand over the past 4 years). As a former coach I thought it would be difficult to “let go”…it was anything but difficult. The high level of instruction, coaching and competition helped to prepare my son for his very successful 1st Team All-State high school career, and soon to be college baseball career. The best baseball decision I have ever made was agreeing to have my son play for NBA. The investment we made into the program will be more than reimbursed by the athletic scholarships my son has received. THANKS!! - Don Clark

I began playing for Scott at the age of 14. He took me in as an average baseball player, but he believe in me and gave me the confidence to succeed. Natural baseball and Scott Jones have been a huge reason to my succuss in my career and as to why I am where I am now. They do an excellent job in not only working with you as a baseball player, but when you play for him you truly experience life lessons. This academy does a truly tremendous job and I would reccomend anyone to play for them. - Mitch Slauter

Scott and Clark are great instructors, I joined The Natural Baseball family my senior year of high school, with little in the way of college scholarship offers, after playing the summer with Scott and receiving instruction from the pitching coach at Natural, I had multiple offers to play college baseball. Scott and clark are great to work with and will help you with anything you may need, their coaching not only covers the skills that will be used on the field, but also valuable life lessons that can be applied every day. - Jarrod Miller

Our son has been receiving coaching from Scott Jones for about 2 years. He just turned 12 and we started with NBA when he was 10. We started out trying to improve his hitting. Scott’s patience with our son and understanding of the sport has helped our son improve dramatically. He is now a confident hitter and knows when he gets to the plate that he will connect. Scott has also helped our son with fielding and pitching fundamentals. We also like to take advantage of the workshops NBA holds during school breaks. Our experience with NBA and Scott Jones has been very enjoyable and beneficial. Whether your child is a beginner, or has been at the competitive level for several years, the coaches at NBA will help your player take that next step. - Cliff and Janice Brandt

The help provided by the Natural Baseball Academy doesn't end when they leave High School. Scott has taken a personal interest in my son and his dreams in baseball. When issues arrived at the collegiate level, Scott was there to assist to find my son the best solution. I am truly indebeted to Scott and Clark Jones for all of their effort and interest in my son. A lot of people can teach baseball, but a few apply life lessons and demonstrate key life skills to our children. Thank you. - Tom Core

We would highly recommend Natural Baseball Academy to any family looking to help their son play baseball at college level. The coaches go above and beyond teaching just the necessary skills a player needs to advance to the next level - they also promote integrity and character and the importance of the player’s behavior, attitude and hard work both on and off the field. Our son, Shane, who entered competitive baseball at a late age (halfway through high school) was able to develop his skills under the direction of the coaching staff and is now playing at a D1 college. Our younger son recently joined NBA and we are confident he is in good hands. - Mark & Denise Davies

Austin joined the Natural Baseball Academy 2 years ago after playing with the KS Blues, which was a top 10 Nationally ranked team. Scott Jones over the years has developed good relationships with many of the college coaches in the Midwest. Austin’s decision to join the Naturals was based on the ability of Scott Jones and his team to get the proper exposure with the college recruiters. With Jeff Robinson working to fine tune his pitching skills, Austin was able to secure a scholarship with Wichita State University. Not only did the Natural Baseball Academy help with securing a scholarship for Austin but they helped him develop into a young man that is both mentally and physically ready for the next level. Thanks again to Scott and his team of coaches. Stan Sanders - Austin Sanders

Scott joined the Natural baseball team three years ago and now is pitching at Creighton University in Omaha. The Natural baseball family is special, great coaches that truly care in every way about the young men and families in the program. Scott Jones is a good instructor, coach and most of all mentor to the young men in the program. In the last three years his team of coaches have worked with high school player and placed over 50 players in college baseball at all levels. Including four D1 players from last years class 2012. Jeff Robinson in a wonderful pitching coach. He has helped many to improve the skills needed to move to the next level. Last years he produced three D1 pitchers more than any other pitching coach in Kansas City. Scott Jones has earned the respect of college coaches for not just developing good player but quality young men ready to play at the next level. - Scott Byerley

Levi played three seasons for the Natural Baseball Academy. Scott and Clark Jones’ individual lessons were invaluable. Their instruction was given in a manner that helped Levi excel at the plate and on the field. As a player progresses and their abilities improve, the Jones’ were still able to help the player excel. They demonstrated on many occasions they have the player’s best interest at heart. Scott would on many occasions take an opportunity to coach other players he wasn’t actually working with. While his student may be picking up balls during a lesson, Scott or Clark would offer advice to another player in a neighboring cage. I can say without a doubt any child that attends the academy and has the privilege of working with the Jones brothers will not be disappointed. Class organization and one we were glad to be part of! - Mike Betten

My son, Drew, began pitching lessons with Jeff Robinson following his junior year at Blue Valley High. He was coming back from a year of inactivity due to a non-baseball injury and needed some help getting his mechanics and timing back. Jeff was able to communicate and demonstrate things in a way that Drew was able to quickly get his 'groove' back. He went into his senior year with confidence, and delivered a great season on the mound by tossing a no-hitter, a shut out, and pitching in the state championship game. Drew communicated with Jeff multiple times during the season and Jeff continued to help him with adjustments. Drew signed up to play for Natural's 18 team and working under Scott's no-nonsense practices continued to grow as a pitcher. Scott and Jeff were instrumental in helping Drew get to the next level and he is now playing ball at Barton - hoping to hone his skills and play some Division 1 baseball soon. Drew still communicates with Jeff and probably always will. I know that I speak for Drew when I say that Natural Baseball Academy has played a huge role in the last year and a half of Drew's baseball success. Thanks to all at the NBA! - Chuck Ferguson

The training and preparation my son has received from Natural Baseball Academy has been outstanding. There are many organizations that claim they have the best interest of the player at heart, but few truly follow through. The Academy assists with recruiting, lessons, strives to teach work ethic and improve the player both on and off the field. My son has been with the Academy for three years. During that time, Scott Jones and Jeff Robinson have not only helped my son become a very good pitcher, but also have shown him that hard work and dedication are rewarded on the field and in his performance. Jeff has taught him that the mental side of the game and a player’s attitude are just as important as results. He has taken my son’s raw ability and made the most of it, culminating in all conference recognition and interest from college coaches. Thank you NBA for creating a welcoming team environment and for the countless hours of dedication to making every player better. - Mike Frazier

Scott, I just wanted to make sure you knew how appreciative we are for all you’ve done for Noah over the last several months. The transformation in him has been wonderful to watch, and has greatly boosted his confidence and passion for the wonderful game of baseball. The fielding and hitting lessons he’s taken from you is the best decision we’ve ever made, and I only wish all our investments would provide the same kind of returns on our money. I never get tired of reminding Noah how far he's come in a year, and he was amazed looking at his stats from this year compared to his 2011 stats. Last year, he seemed to strike out or walk for most at bats and only had a .214 average. This year, his hitting has risen to nearly a .500 average and he was tied for the least amount of strike outs on the team. At 10, Noah still has so much more to learn and grow but at least we know without question there is no better place for him to call his baseball home. Thank you for the bringing us into Natural Baseball Academy family! - Mike Moore

My sons have been with Natural Baseball Academy since fall of 2008. Clark & Scott have a tremendous ability to relate to players at all levels when teaching the art of hitting. The time they have spent with my sons has been a wonderful investment. It has made an immediate impact not only in their performance on the field, but also in their understanding of hitting mechanics. Being naturally equipped with the knowledge necessary for success as hitters, my boys have a confidence and excitement as competitive players. That confidence and excitement continues to grow with every ball that explodes off the bat! - Hank Smits

My son Quinten is a 3rd grader that has been working with Aaron Cook on his pitching. Aaron has done a great job over the last 2 months working with him. I see improvements everytime he's pitching. After each session all Quinten talks about is what Aaron tells him what he needs to work on and he wants to get right at it and work on those areas. I've had several of Quinten's teammates parents ask how Quinten learned how to be a good pitcher. I told them I recommend sending their boys to Natural Baseball Academy. Thanks Aaron you have been great for Quinten and he looks forward working with you every week. - Steve Mason

While we joined the Academy late in the baseball development life cycle of my child, the Academy coaching staff quickly identified his shortcoming and developed a skill improvement plan that he could use at the academy, at home, and in the batting cages. The academy consistently put our son in position to excel. His batting average, fielding percentage, and knowledge of the game has impressed not only his high school coaches, but major college coaches. Finally, the coaches at the Academy have gone the extra mile in contacting college coaches to help our son reach his goal of playing baseball at the next level. - Tom Core

NBA instruction has taken our son's skill level from an enthusiastic recreational player, to one who desires to..and can, compete at high levels of league play. His hitting mechanics, fielding fundamentals, and self confidence have grown tremendously through personalized, age appropriate instruction. He is challenged by his instructors to excel by not only executing, but also by understanding his actions, allowing for self analysis and self correction. As parents, we have received direct feedback and guidance about his progress, capabilities, and opportunities. - Cameron Larsen

My son is in 6th grade and has been playing tournament ball for several years and the training Coach Scott Jones has given him has been outstanding. Coach Scott Jones worked with my son all winter on shortstop/3rd base fielding/throwing, he challenged my son physically and mentally to get better every week. Coach Jones now has my son fielding at a level where I have had several people come up to me about his footwork/glove work and compliment him on how smooth he looks. He has given my son the understanding of what it takes to play baseball the right way and has given him the tools to be ready for High School. I would recommend Coach Jones and Natural Baseball Academy to any family interested in baseball instruction for their son. They treat you like family every time you come in. - Rob Ferger

I came into the Natural Baseball facilities my freshman year of high school. I wasn’t very confident in my swing or my skills. Scott and Clark were able to work with me on many different aspects of my swing. They both provided a vast amount of individual focus on me, which allowed me to make great strides. They both have the ability to not only tell you what you’re doing wrong, but exactly how to correct things. They were able to help me reach my goal of being a collegiate baseball player. All of the work paid off over the winter and summer, which increased my confidence in my swing. - Josh Zach

First class organization. Not only do the coaches work with the boys on baseball fundamentals but they lead by example and expect the boys to be responsible young adults. The organization is very positive in their approach and instruction methods which allows the boys to gain a lot of self confidence. My son Josh spent three plus years in the Natural Baseball organization and loved every minute of it. He is now playing baseball in college and still goes back to Scott and Clark for hitting instruction on a regular basis. I would highly recommend this group to anyone. - Mark Zach

I had developed a bad habit I couldn't shake. I had gotten so bad with this habit that every time I would go to the plate, I would be scared to make the same mistake again or create a new one. After Clark and I sat down and just talked about an approach going to the plate, my hitting completely changed. After that was when he was able to work with me on correct form and techniques. - Adam Kimberling

Clark has an innate ability to communicate and relay his vast skills and knowledge to both the novice and experienced player. - Scott Mills

What a positive experience it has been working with Clark and the Academy. He took our 13 year old son who had only been playing baseball for 2 seasons and in just a few months turned him into a successful pitcher and hitter at the AAA/Major league level! The amount of baseball expertise that Clark has, combined with the self-discipline and respect for the sport of baseball that he instills in the boys is truly amazing. We would definitely recommend the Natural Baseball Academy to any young man wanting to take their game to the next level! - Ken Kyle